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    Audio low for a couple of seconds on render - but not in Premiere 5.5


      So I'm editing a video and have precomposed several sequences to put it together. When the main sequence moves from one sub-sequence to another the audio drops for the first few seconds, then bumps up to normal. This ONLY happens on the exported video, not IN Premiere. Also, I actually thought I fixed this earlier as I tweaked the levels (and unlinked the audio and video just to see what would happen) and successfully exported it. But now on export it's back to its old ways. It's very strange! Is this a known issue? I have 8 gigs of RAM on a macbook pro from the second most recent generation. Not a ton of HD space left, if that could potentially do it... Thoughts? Thanks


      (also, I get the "serious error" crash with some frequency. Is that a storage space issue?)