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    Weird style renderings in output

      I edited the styles of my project so that the H2 and H3 tags have a particular look (H2 is an indented blue, bolded, highlighted text and H3 is an indented, bolded, underlined text). It looks fine in RoboHelp's WYSIWYG, however when I generate the output (I've generated it to Word, PDF, WebHelp, and HTMLHelp) not only are the header tags being formatted, but all of the "Normal" text below it is being formatted the same way, up until it reaches another header. So an H2 header will format the header as well as the paragraphs below it until it reaches an H3, at which point it will format all of the text according to that style.

      Some background, this was originally a PDF that I imported and then had to manually re-format because it imported so strangely. I deleted all of the styles that it created when it imported and then created styles for "Section" and "SubSection". Later I used a find and replace program to change all of the p class=Section tags to equal H2 and the p class=SubSection to equal H3. The output is acting almost as if the tags are not closing. Which is interesting, because I couldn't close them through the FAR program, but when I opened the topics up in True Code view, RoboHelp had changed all of the /p to /h2 or /h3 automatically.

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          mballai Level 1
          This sounds like some stuff I've seen. Chances are real good that there's a tag somewhere that just ain't right and RoboHelp "fixed" it the wrong way. Run it through an online HTML validator--it uploads the file and will tell you more than you will ever need. Some stuff will not look the same in WYSiWYG as it does when compiled.
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            Bryce_Finney Level 1
            Thanks, that was indeed the problem. For some reason it closed some of the tags correctly and not the others.

            Another quick question...I reformatted the H2 and H3 headers so that they have different highlighting, size, etc. and indent a certain amount. In the WYSIWYG these look fine, but when I generate my project, they format correctly as far as looks, but they don't indent properly (they simply left-justify). How do I force them to indent in my generated project?
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              Imported PDFs always throw up some strange formatting.

              You said that you had deleted the styles created when you imported the document. Are you still using the created style sheet? If so, that is the most likely problem. If you have a working stylesheet from another project, you could try importing it into your project and re-create the styles you need or create a new style sheet.

              As a quick fix, you could try editing the true code by adding the stye=... to your <h2>

              <h2 style="margin-left: 40px;">TEXT</h2>

              40pixels is the default indent.