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    I purchased the Creative Suite 6 software in August. I just suscribed to cloud & DW won't download?


      I purchased the Creative Suite 6 in August  -  the Design & Web Premium software package.

      However, I can not get the animation I made in Edge Animate into the website I made in DW CS6.

      I was told I could only accomplish this with the Cloud subscription.  


      I am a student,  My final web site project is due Monday.  I need to insert the Edge Animation I have made into my DW CS6 website.  


      Since the Edge Animation Insert update to DW CS6 is only available to Cloud Subscribers,  I purchased the monthly subscription today.  


      However,  Creative Cloud will not download Dreamweaver CS6 to my computer because it is already downloaded.   (my store purchased version)


      How do I get access to the Cloud Version of DW CS6  (the updated version with the Insert Edge Animation update)?


      And,  still have access to my store purchased DW CS6 that is already downloaded on my computer.


      Help Please Appreciated,