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    Keep getting "not responding" error message as DW hangs


      I have had the following problem consistently used DW 12.1, as well as the version that was with CS 5.5. And I am almost sure it has something to do with the html or other code on my pages, but I thought a DW guru might help.


      Basics First: DW 12.1 with the subscription. 64 bit Window 7.


      Files that I am editing will periodically freeze, and then I get the "not responding" message above the menu bar. It freezes for 10 to 30 seconds (IT FEELS LIKE 10 TO 30 HOURS) and then starts working again.


      Of course it only seems to happen when I'm on a roll making many duplicate mundane edits and then BOOM... can't do anything except shoot laser eye daggers at the screen and try to prevent myself from hyperventilating.


      Here's the thing. I work on many sites; and this generally only happens on the site of my main client. I work off o local copies of the site, but I inherited them and they are massively full of bloat code, scripts, etc. I would not be surprised in the least if DW is trying to run or access some of this and this is the cause.


      I turned off the "Display external files" option; are there other options I should try? It really is the absolute most annoying thing in my life right now (we should all be so lucky) and I'm hoping you might have a way to fix it.


      I'd be happy to post code, but this page is a typical example where I might get the error 10 times in a 30 minutes while working on it...