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    Playback problems on 3rd monitor

    UlfLaursen Level 2

      Hi Harm (and others)


      I just installed a new graphicscard this morning, the Nvidia GTX670 4GB from Asus.


      I installed driver version 310.54 on My windows 7 Enterprise x64


      I have connected my 2 Dell 24" monitors on the DVI connectors and a Samsung HDTV 22" via HDMI.


      I have set up the monitors like this inside windows:



      I don't seem to be able to change, which monitor is 1, 2 or 3, and I am not sure if it matters at all.


      The first Dell (no. 2) is primary display, and the desktop is set to extend to the two others, which it does.


      Inside Premiere Pro 6.03, I have setup the playback like this:



      I have tried both with or without the optin "Disable video output...." ticked on and off.


      My problem is that I get no playback on my 3rd monitor.


      I have tried different combinations of videodevices on/off without result. I have tried to restart the PC after settings change, without result.


      I have tried the display port on the graphicscard as well with another monitor, and at that time I was actually able to get a full screen playback on this monitor, but only for a few seconds, before it went totally black, and wouldn't even show the desktop after exit of Premiere.


      Could it be driver related - it's a beta driver I am running?


      Thanks for any input.