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    Having issues running Premier Pro CS6 on a brand new PC (made for Premier Pro)


      Hey all,


      I built and received a new PC about two weeks ago. I have the dxdiag ran but for some reason Adobe forums doesn't allow standard attachments. I can email you the information if needed. This was recommended by a friend of mine. I do wedding videography and I have been desperately wanting to pick up PPCS6 for some time now. The only thing I don't have is a quaddro card. I have read on multiple forums that PP6 is running completely fine on considerably less machine than I have, but I unfortunately can hardly run it.


      The issue I am having is that as soon as I start adding clips into a sequence, the screen goes black and windows gives me the low virtual memory error. I ran a mem diagnostic test on a 10 pass series and it came up with no errors, so I know it is not the RAM. The only thing I can think of is the video card is faulty, or its just simply user error. (Mind you, this is the first Adobe program I've owned, I have been doing all my editing on FCPX on a 2008 Macbook Silver (way behind its time).


      I did make it to rendering about 20 clips once just to see what would happen. The computer again, went to low virtual memory and PPCS6 froze and required a forced shutdown.


      On the other hand, I was keeping track of how much memory was being used during the rendering process. Only 5.3GB of my 16GB RAM was actually being used once I began a render. I am completely baffled as is the tech support where I bought my PC from.


      I was hoping one of you PP pros out there or considerably smarter tech people would have some solutions. I just had CS6 refunded just in case I can't get it to work but I still have the trial for another 14 days to run some tests.


      Adobe Tech Support told me to downgrade to CS5.5 as I should have 0 issues running that even with a much older PC. However, I cannot downgrade as I don't have a commercial license for PP, only a Student/Teacher license. And resellers that I have found sell CS5.5 PC for 1499.99 which is outrageously overpriced.


      Any ideas folks? Your help is truly and genuinely appreciated.