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    Wipe out... What would cause Flash Builder to repeatedly crash on the same .MXML file?

    Gaius Coffey Level 2


      I am building a fairly straight-forward app and I've changed something in a fairly straight-forward .mxml file and suddenly, whenever I open the file to edit, Flash Builder crashes and dies horribly.


      If I comment out all of the code and reopen Flash Builder, I can open and edit the file successfully. I can even put all the original code back in and test the app successfully.




      When I have put all the code back in and then go back to edit the file, Flash Builder wipes out in a kind of permanent and irrevocable way so that I have to comment out all the code to get it working again...


      I have tried export, delete, import to reinitialise the project, but the problem recurs.




      Clearly, I have written something in my .mxml file that sends Flash Builder into some godawful infinite loop or other dead-end, but I am at a loss to say what as it is very, very basic and straight-forward MXML without (as far as I can tell) anything unusual... and I have been programming professionally with Flex for a number of years and built some _big_ applications during that time...


      Has anybody encountered anything similar? Any ideas what I might have done?