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    text and tables

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      Hello, I'm not a designer. I post information to our web site. We have a basic template for adding content. It is divided into two columns. The bigger column is the one where I add text. We have a special project and I would like to do three things. I would like to add a fairly large text block. This is what I normally do and I generally copy text that is emailed to us and paste it into the area designed for that. But in this case, I'd like to break up the text block with another, special area roughly a third of the way down that explains in a few sentences how the writers of this particular item did their work. And on the right side of the main text block, fairly near the top, I'd like to add a special, relatively small block, that will include links to some of the authors' previous work. I want the text to wrap around both blocks. I can't seem to find out how to do this in the basic help directions. Can some tell me how to do it? Thank you.
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          You need to have another template designed by your designer and upload it to your website.

          Templates are basically .dwt files. Templates can be created using Dreamweaver and Contribute cannot help in designing the template. After you design your template (.dwt file) in Dreamweaver, Upload the same file to "<SiteRoot>/Templates/" directory of your website and create a new page out of this new template in contribute. There by you can use copy paste as you want.

          To create a template (.dwt file) of your requirements, You need to have your existing .dwt file (Copy it from Your "<WebsiteRoot>/Templates/ templatename.dwt" and paste it outside.)

          Open the .dwt file using Dreamweaver. When you go to design view template is show to you. Add Further Editable regions as per your requirements inside the content area. Save the .dwt file. and Replace it back in contribute with a new name (if you wish to otherwise you can overwrite the existing .dwt file)

          Hope this helps.

          (Contribute Team)