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    How can one submit suggestions to Adobe.


      It seems that one cannot avoid using Adobe Flash.  It offers frequent updates that are mandatory.  Whenever you select one of those updates, the default is to down load and install a McAfee security program.  I have full blown Norton security program, and each time, I fail to notice the auto install of the McAfee program, I have to remove it. 


      I can find no way to make a suggestion. 

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          Rave Adobe Employee

          Hi jadams,


          Adobe offsets the ongoing development costs of Flash Player, which is made available for free, by offering users the option to download software from select Adobe partners.

          The simplest and most straight forward alternative is to uncheck the checkbox. It’s an opt out situation, not opt in and I also understand your position on that.


          If a user has selected the “Allow Adobe to install updates (recommended)” update mechanism, then they will only be prompted for updates on major releases.  All zero day security updates will be installed silently, without any interaction from the user.  Also note that the user can simply decline the major update, in which case we will update Flash Player silently after 30 days.  No third party software will be involved.


          To file a bug or enhancement request for Adobe Flash Player, please use the Flash Player bug system.

          For any suggestions for other Adobe products  please report here : https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform