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    new computer


      i wont to build a new computer with cs5  , this to stitch 30 off 40mb files . i wont to use i7 pro with 16mb ram exspandable to 32mb later, there will be a 500mb hd and a 250mb ssd for a scratch drive .i would like help on the other components ??mother board, vidio card power supply ect ect . i wont allso to be able to have 2 off screens many thanks

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          IMO your crazy.  I feel you would be better off looking at Dell outlet web site and looking into getting an a older high end industry strength workstation with xeons processors with ECC RAM and a Photoshop supported GPU video card. You can always add SSd and more disk the disk controller will also support raid configurations.


          Why build your own when you can get a pre built machine which meets your needs with legal OS and warrantee at a reasonable price.

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            Level 7

            I really hope you have Megabytes and Gigabytes confused there.


            You need a couple Gig of RAM, and a Terabyte or more of disk space these days.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Out of curiosity, what's your budget?


              I follow exactly JJMack's philosophy myself.



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                sanganeb Level 1

                thanks chaps i got that wrong please read 500mb = 500gb .250mb =250gb .the ram should be 16gb exspandable to 32.gb. the buget is $2000 = £1200 . the op system is windows 7 pro .64 . i would like a multi card reader & b/w dvd and as many usbs as possible.some of my panos if i dont flatten them can be quite large and take 30min/50min  .the present machine is 2core with 8gig ram ,500gb hd with500gb scratch disk on windos 7 64 home