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    Sony vs. Kobo conflicts?

    cr cruiser

      I have a PC mess. The wife bought a Sony e-reader about a year ago and after a lot of fiddling around we managed to figure out how to purchace books and download from the library on our PC. All was good.


      My kids gave me a Kobo Touch e-reader for Christmas last year and after weeks of trying to download books, I gave up working on the same PC and and finally managed to get ADE 1.7 working on her laptop. So now I could download books from the library etc. to my Kobo on the laptop and she used the PC for her Sony. All was still good.


      A month ago she dropped her Sony and the screen grenaded so she bought a new Sony PRST2H from the Sony store. She tried to download books from the PC and it wouldn't work. It didn't want to recognize her new reader. So she went to her laptop and tried setting everything back up for her new Sony. It still didn't work. I tried everthing ttht I could think of and finally just set it up to download books via WiFi.     BUT!    Now I can't download books from her laptop to my Kobo.


      So now I have a PC and a laptop that neither of which will download books to either the Sony or Kobo e-readers.


      What I would like to do is un-install all of the Sony and Kobo and ADE programs, passwords and authorizations and start afresh. Only this time it will be the PC for her Sony and the laptop for my Kobo. And never again the twain shall meet.


      My first question is, is there some conflict between the Sony and Kobo softwares if installed on the same computer? I keep thinking back to the old Netscape vs. Internet Explorer battles. (I'll take off my tinfoil hat now).


      Are there any more hidden authorizations or passwords that I need to get rid of. I found out about the CTR, SHIFT, D trick to eliminate the hidden authorization on ADE 1.7 through this forum. (Thank you very much). Do I need to do the same thing for ADE 2.0? Are there any other tricks I need to do while attempting to wipe the slate clean before starting over?


      I thank you so much in advance for any help that you can send my way. I'm getting tires of re-reading the same paperbacks over and over.

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          Hello -


          You've got a lot of questions/issues going on here, but I'll try to make sure I answer them. First, I want to acknowledge that the Sony PRS devices are the most delicate (read temperamental) of ebook readers. As you have likely discovered, Sony is one of the devices that does not play nicely with Adobe Digital Editions. If you want to get public library ebooks on a Sony PRST2H you can download directly (video instruction), or titles can be transferred using Sony Reader Software (but not in ADE).


          BEFORE you try to uninstall everything to reinstall and fix, I suggest you try the following:


          For Sony PRST2H:

          1. *Important* Update the firmware for the device to the latest version. (Here are directions)

          2. Download Sony Reader Software to computer.

          3. Authorize Sony with Adobe ID using Sony Reader Store software. For steps, see video. (Skip video to 1:30)

          (Side note: Use the de-authorize steps from the video to remove Adobe ID from your old, broken Sony.)

          4. Attempt to download directly EPUB ebook from your public library as a test.


          Hopefully this resolves your problem with the Sony. If not, and you just want the answers to your questions, here are my answers:


          *Software conflicts: I am not aware of Kobo & Sony software conflicts. Nor have I heard of this before. That said, may be conflicts


          *Keyboard commands: The most important keyboard command for devices is CTRL + SHIFT + E (or Command +SHIFT + E on a MAC.) The CTRL + SHIFT + D command you mentioned is for de-authorizing ADE, while CTRL + SHIFT + E is for devices. If you want to remove an Adobe ID from your Kobo for some kind of fresh start you will want to plug in your Kobo, open ADE, and press CTRL + SHIFT + E. (Your Sony uses slightly different steps as I already said.)


          From testing, the keyboard commands on ADE 1.7 are exactly the same in 2.0. One thing I like about ADE 2.0 is that it comes with an ebook userguide upon install that lists every single command. Most are pointless. One of the main difference (important to me) is ADE 2.0 is that you get an option to deauthorize right from your widget menu options which is VERY useful in my opinion. The one thing I miss about the latest version of ADE 1.7 is that it was dummy-proof in that it forced you to add an Adobe ID first time you opened it.


          Hope this helps.