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    Version of file protected by timestamp signature (3161) alone shows "Unrecognized PDF Content"


      Documents which have been signed with a RFC 3161 timestamp signature alone show "Report Code: 4000" described as "Unrecognized PDF Content" in the PDF Signature Report.  I access this report by selecting the signature in the panel and "Click to view this version", then an option to "View Report" is in the top right corner.


      Documents with digital signatures and attached timestamps from the same TSA verify properly and show no errors in the PDF Signature Report.


      All of the timestamps verify properly, though the TSA root certificate must be downloaded and trusted manually.


      Any ideas as to what's going on here?


      An example called InvoiceTS.pdf can be found here. You may also use the link to StarField below to timestamp any PDF you like; the problem occurs universally.


      Version Info: Problem shows in Acrobat X and XI and Reader X and XI, occurs in files with timstamps attached by both Acrobat X and XI.


      TSAs affected: DigiStamp, StarField


      Explicit Error:

      Unrecognized PDF content: The document contains PDF content or custom content not supported by the current version of Adobe Reader.The document appears to have been produced by a later version of Acrobat.