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    Presenter 8 does not play with PowerPoint 2010

    Old Man of the Sea

      I upgraded from XP Pro sp3, office 2007, Adobe Presenter 7, and Adobe Captivate 5.5 to Windows 7, Office 2010, Adobe Presenter 8, and Captivate 6. What a huge waste of money!


      I try and open PowerPoint and I get a runtime error and that is followed by a notice to remove the Presenter Addon. I select No and then when I click anything on the Presenter ribbon PowerPoint shuts down with a serious error. So that makes Presenter 8 worthless.


      Then I tried Captive 6. It worked great as a standalone product. But then since I could not use PowerPoint with Presenter 8, I went back to my old computer and inserted the SWF from Captivate using Presenter 7 on PowerPoint 2007. It appeared to work but when I published the output, the Captivate file was corrupted.


      So net result, I wasted a lot of money on two products I cannot use.