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    unable to bind to property

    Kristian Grønli Level 1
      I'm trying to use a webservice within my flex application that returns an object.
      I get this error: warning: unable to bind to property 'DD' on class 'String' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)
      I'm using this code, and I have other methods in the same webservice that works, but they only returns one String.
      <mx:WebService id="getTest" wsdl=" http://localhost:6060/webservice/getTest?WSDL">
      <mx:operation name="getWebObject" resultFormat="object"></mx:operation>
      <mx:operation name="sayHello"></mx:operation>
      Then I call the method like this:
      [webService id].[operation name].lastResult.[name of the Object from the wsdl file].[name of the String that i need from the wsdl] as: getTest.getWebObject.lastResult.ObjectTest.DD

      The Object description in the wsdl file looks like this:
      <complexType name="ObjectTest">
      <element name="DD" type="string" />
      <element name="DR" type="string" />

      Can anyone please tell me how I can bind the property to the object correct?
      I allso need to use another method that returns an ArrayList of the same object?
      Is this possible?
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          Peter Farland Level 3
          Can you show me the usage of getTest.getWebObject.lastResult.ObjectTest.DD in the binding statement? Note that this syntax does not call the method, it just allows access to the lastResult of a particular operation (which you either call like getTest.getWebObject(param1, param2) or getTest.getWebObject.send() ).

          Instead of using getWebObject.lastResult, can you write an event handler for the result event on each operation and then programmatically update a bindable variable or change whatever is listening for the ObjectTest.DD property?

          <mx:operation name="getWebObject" resultFormat="object" result="handleGetWebObject(event)" />

          private function handleGetWebObject(event:ResultEvent):void
          var result:Object = event.result;
          // Do something with the result as needed, such as updating values

          WebServices Arrays will become mx.collections.ArrayCollection instances by default, which are bindable - however I'd need to see what you're planning on doing in MXML/AS first.