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    Text tool shows black screen with force GPU settings

    Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

      Hey everyone,


      When I go to use the text tool, I cannot seem to get past adding custom text to the project. An example screen:




      I was wondering if anyone could reproduce. The steps are as follows:


      • Create a new project by tapping "+," in the middle left. (Create any dimensions.) Tap, "OK."
      • Tap, "&," in the upper right, then tap, "Text."
      • Tap the text entry field in the lower left.
      • Tap anywhere once done. You might end up with a screen like I have above.


      Tapping the "go back" icon in Android just nets me a totally black screen and will not exit PS Touch as it normally does. I have to use the home screen icon and swipe PS Touch out of my running apps to launch PS Touch and get it running properly again.


      I have not tried uninstalling/reinstalling just yet; want to see if anyone can repro first.


      Using a Motorola Xoom (Wi-Fi model) with Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and PS Touch 1.4.1.


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