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    After Effects Error: rendering error while writing to file...Output Module failed - 1610153646


      Hi – I’m currently working with someone who is running After Effects 5.5v10.5.0.253 on a PC which is running Windows 7 Ultimate. The computer has just recently been built and the software is newly installed. (ie. a couple of weeks old, max). Up until now, we have been using After Effects with no real issues. But tonight, we started to see the following error message, when trying to render something out:


      1. “After Effects Error: rendering error while writing to file xxxxx. Output Module failed, the file may be damaged or corrupted -1610153646” – displayed during render, which meant the render failed.”


      We started to review forums to see if we could come up with a fix and tried a few of the more common suggested solutions, including:


      • Make sure there are no third-party plug-ins or Windows incompatible elements installed - as it’s a pretty new install, we haven’t added anything except out-of-the box elements.
      • Clear the render queue – did this, no change.
      • Reinstall Quicktime – did this, no change.
      • Reinstall Creative Suite – also no change.
      • Check the default program to open .mov files is Quicktime – Quicktime was already the default.


      A bit more detail about the machine...


      • Ram is 32gb
      • GPU is GeForce GTX 660ti
      • 250gb soild states
      • 2tb raid drive


      Any help would be much appreciated. This is now happening on all AE files, even files that worked fine earlier in the week. Other than the AE and QT reinstalls mentioned above, nothing new has been added to the machine this week. On a deadline – so a quick response would be amazing, right about now. Thanks.