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    Installing elements for 10.6.8 and overlaying logo on video?




      Just downloaded the trial of Premiere Elements, but it won't work as I am on a 32bit mac about 6 years old - running 10.6.8.


      Please can someone tell me where I can get the right trial version for my OS?


      Thanks so much!


      Also - this is the ONLY thing I am trying to do here:


      I need to make videos with a logo overlaid in them. Either mooving image with my log on top or a slideshow of still photos, also with my logo on top.


      Can Premiere Elements do this? if so, how? or please could you give me a link to where I can find instructions that are easy to undertand for a video novie like me?? :-)


      I have tried iMovie and all sorts of other free mac video editors. In all the versions, my .png file is being imported with either a solid white or solid black background - even though I saved as a PNG 24 with transparency - and saving in exactly the same way for web graphics, works GREAT... (with the correct transparency) I also tried using psd files and tiffs (transparent tiffs) and got the same problems.


      In fact in iMovie my png file gets imported with the graphics bleeding WAY beyond how it looks in my image editor... never seen that before, its really weird - anyone know why this is happening and how to fix?


      Please can someone help me - if I need the full version of Premiere then I will have to look for anoher solution but I don't mind buying Elements if it works how I want and is EASY to do what I need.


      Thanks a lot! Clare :-)