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    Adobe After Effects CS3 horrible export quality


      I made an intro for my Youtube channel using Adobe After Effects CS3, in the preview and whilst I was rendering the video quality was remarkable, no flaw in it. But after it rendered and I exported it as a .flv file the quality was horrible and grainy. Since I'm starting a serious channel my videos have to be high quality, including the intro. Is there any way to make it better quality, perhaps a free program that converts it into a better quality extension, or anything. I appreciate any feedback since I really need this intro in high quality.


      Here's the video link as you can see it's grainy as hell, even when put at 720p(HD):



      As I mentioned before in the preview and whilst rendering the quality was one of the best I've ever seen, no grain or anything, it was flawless, but when I exported, the quality turned to s***. Please help.