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    Camera Raw Cache: Can't Change File Location

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      I have Photoshop CS5, and just bought/installed an SSD to speed up my 4 year-old computer (QuadCore 2.4GHz, 6gb RAM, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit).  The reason is some lag in real-time adjustments in Camera Raw when working with my Canon 1D Mark IV and Canon 7D Raw Files.  The OS is installed on this new SSD, including CS5.


      One of the performance tweaks recommended is moving the Camera Raw Cache to the fast SSD.  So I open up Bridge, go to Edit...Camera Raw Preferences...Camera Raw Cache...Select Location...   There I select a folder on the SSD Drive (c:\), click OK, and it then shows the desired location.  I then click OK to close the Preferences dialogue box, and go back to Bridge.


      If I now re-open Camera Raw Preferences, it still shows the *original* file location, and not the new one I just selected.  The change is just not "sticking."  I even tried hitting "Purge" before making the change, but this changed nothing.


      I next ran Bridge "As Administrator" hoping the change would 'stick' but it still reverted to the original location.


      What's the deal here?  What do I have to do to change the location of the Camera Raw Cache, and hopefully speed things up a little working with Camera Raw?



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Any chance something was still running and didn't act on the updated setting?


          Have you tried logging off and back on again (or rebooting) after the setting change?



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            Thanks for hte reply, Noel, and it's a good thought.  Task Manager doesn't show anything that seems to be Adobe or Photoshop related, but this evening I'll try what you suggest and see if it helps.


            Any other thoughts?



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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              You did ask for other thoughts...


              Mostly for the benefit of others who might come across this thread, though you could conceivably reorganize your system, and you have already indicated a desire to toss some money out to get better performance... 


              One of the things I'm fond of telling people is that Windows and its applications always seem to work best when paths to things are left at defaults.  That generally means EVERYTHING wants to be on drive C:.


              That's actually doable, and when done with high tech hardware it can make for a system that really screams.


              On this general principle, I built a big RAID 0 array of four OCZ Vertex 3 480GB SSD drives to create a C: drive with nearly 2 terabytes of space.  It's controlled by a multiport dedicated RAID controller card made by HighPoint (a 2720SGL to be exact).


              It really works.  Everything goes in to default locations, so everything (swap, scratch, OS, programs, data) runs off it.  I do still have a few terabytes of spinning disks in the system (also in an array), which I use to house data I don't access often, and backup data.


              Some facts/observations:


              • With multiple drives in a RAID 0 array, the system uses all the SATA III connections simultaneously, boosting speed.
              • Having everything running off the one big C: drive works well with SSD, since there's no seek or rotational delay and thus multitasking doesn't invoke the significant extra overhead it would with spinning HDDs where they would start to thrash.
              • With 1.7 gigabyte per second transfer rates, I don't notice when Photoshop "goes virtual" and starts using its scratch files heavily - even if there's OS swapping going on too.  It just stays interactive.  Photoshop itself cannot keep up with the array, as it will generate scratch data only at 300 to 400 megabytes/second.
              • No matter what you've got running, new things you want to run just instantly start.
              • The "traditional" worry over writing too much to SSD drives is alleviated with modern drives, which support sophisticated controllers that do wear-leveling.  With these big drives I estimate I could use this system very heavily for 10 years and not exceed the NAND flash lifespan.



              OCZ has just announced a new model SSD, the "Vector", that operates WAY faster than the model I have, which is no slouch.


              SSD is the way to push system performance well into the future.



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                First some follow-up on my original problem:


                I rebooted the computer, ran Bridge CS5.1 "as administrator" and tried again to change the default location for camera raw.  I then closed Bridge and re-opened it, and found the original location was still in effect.  Nothing had changed.


                I sat there thinking about this, and remembered that I still had PS4 and Bridge CS4 installed on my computer.  When I upgraded, it did side-by-side installations, and when I later considered uninstalling PS4, came across a variety of forum posts that this sometimes created problems in the CS5 installation, with the result being sometimes both needed to be uninstalled, followed by the CS5 reinstallation.  So not needing the space, I just let it be.


                So, I opened Bridge CS4, changed the default location for camera raw, and then closed it up.  I then opened Bridge CS5.1, and found lo and behold, it was already changed to the location I wanted.  So somehow, the original CS4 installation is commandeering this operation (and it makes me wonder how many other quirks like this are going on).


                So this mystery is solved.


                Question for Noel: how commonly do problems with CS5.1 arise when the base CS4 is uninstalled?  And does the fact that my CS5.1 installation seems to somehow be admixed with CS4 suggest that I'm likely to be in that group with problems?


                Finally, it sounds like you've got one screaming setup!  I would basically need a new computer to do something like that - my current motherboard is only SATA II to begin with, so I realize I'm not getting the full bang of the Samsung SSD, but it's still better by far than using my 7200 RPM hard drives.




                Edited to Add: Unfortunately, even with CS5, Bridge Cache, and Camera Raw Cache, on the new SSD, I can't really say that the lag when working in Camera Raw is any faster.  I even increased RAM allotment in CS5 to 70% (not sure if this has any effect on Bridge/Camera Raw).  So I suspect it may be a CPU/RAM/Videocard issue, with the SSD only able to do so much.  But I'm not quite ready for a whole new computer yet; the lag is a tad annoying, but not a deal-killer.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  You *could* go with a PCIe RAID card like I did to give you up to 8 SATA III ports.  They're about $160, plus the price of a cable.  This little Highpoint 2720SGL had a rocky start, since the drivers initially released for it had serious problems, so a bunch of reviewers down-rated it.  But they came out with drivers that worked MUCH faster (and are 100% reliable) later.  So you find reviews online that are all over the map.  I can tell you it works.


                  I can't say what you might see go wrong after uninstalling Photoshop CS4, because I don't think I've ever uninstalled any version of Photoshop myself.


                  That said, what folks report here as a problem is that the file associations of the newer version get fouled up after uninstalling older versions.  There are various threads describing how to fix that, ranging from tweaking the registry to going into Bridge and clicking the [Defaults] button to reinstalling Photoshop.  Worse comes to worst, you could uninstall Photoshop CS5.1 along with the older one then reinstall it.


                  Another thing I always do personally is seek out the extra programs Adobe sets up to run in the background that I don't need and disable them from starting (I use a tool called Autoruns to help me manage that list).  I may have a big system but I like to run it lean so I get as much of the performance and resources for doing actual work as I can.



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                    Thanks for the info and suggestions, Noel.  As per my post, I'm inclined to think that it my CPU/RAM/Videocard that are the 'weakest link' in my system now, in terms of the lag when adjusting raw files in Camera Raw, and speeding up SSD access is not likely to yield benefits in that area.  Plus, I'm doubtful that I'll achieve true SATA III performance with any PCIe adapter, as the Motherboard is probably not capable of it.  I had checked a Dell 630i forum before purchasing anything, and it's apparently a hit and miss operation getting any given SSD to work at all with this motherboard.


                    In my case, my performance was worse when I plugged the SSD directly into a SATA port on the motherboard, with better speeds using the Rosewill PCIe RC-225 adapter I purchased (all my SATA ports are occupied).  I'm going to update the NVIDIA motherboard chipset drivers later this week, and see if that accomplishes anything.


                    And I agree with running lean - I just use the Startup tab in MSCONFIG for this, and try to eliminate extraneous programs from running.


                    After the dust settles from all of this, and I finish processing images from a recent trip to Tanzania, I may go ahead and get rid of CS4, and deal with whatever I have to at that time.


                    Thanks for your help.