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    Windows 8 and Elements 7

    D3x User

      Does Elements 7 run on Windows 8?  I have an PC that runs Windows XP on which I have all my photos organised within Photoshop Elements 7.  These are backed up onto an external hard drive using the Elements backup facility.  I have just bought a new PC running Windows 8.  I want to install an Adobe suite of software to handle my photos and I'm thinking of using Lightroom 4 (as I have almost 53,000 photos!).  I understand that Lightroom 4 cannot be loaded onto my old (XP) machine.  It's been suggested that the best way to do this is to load my old Elements 7 on the new machine and then move the photos over.  I can then add Lightroom and import the catalogue to there.  However, I'd understood that Elements 7 wouldn't run on Windows 8.  I don't want to try loading it if it's not compatible.