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    Indesign Printing Issue




      I have a HP Lasjet 400 M451dw and have been trying to print to a custom size sheet of paper from Indesign.  I have followed all the steps in the page and printer set up and the paper size section does show the custom size with the paper size being defined by the driver.  When I go to print the paper it goes through and nothing prints on the paper.  I finally printed with the same settings, but I placed an 8.5 x 11 size sheet of paper in the feed tray and it is print my file in the lower left corner of the 8.5 x11.  I have even saved the file to a pdf file and tried printing it in acrobat and the same things happen.  I thought it was a printer issue, but I opened up word and tested the same settings and everything worked just the way it should.  Rarely do I have issues with any Adobe program and I am so baffled that something actually word correctly in word and not on the adobe side.  I am at a loss, is there anything anyone can suggest as to something else I can try or what I am doing wrong?