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    Help with onclick action


      Can someone help? I am struggling with a working code. I used this code before when I was testing as a gif animation. I didn't like the clarity of the gif and want to do this in edge but am relatively new to it.


      <img src="http://pacificoauto.com/AutoGroupemails/Ford%20Black%20Friday/electrifiedshopnowsmaller.gi f" alt="" onclick='javascript:(this.src=="http://pacificoauto.com/AutoGroupemails/Ford%20Black%20Friday/electrifiedshopnowsmaller.gi f"?this.src="http://pacificoauto.com/AutoGroupemails/sonatathon/savings_burst.gif":"")' />



      What I would like to do is pause a looping animation on mouseover and start a different animation onclick. If this isnt possible maybe just how can I create the onclick action?


      Please please help this is driving me nuts!!! Thanks in advance!