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    Loading vst file in Elements 11


      I was able to load TAL-Reverb-2.vst sucessfully in Elements 10 but have not had sucess yet in Elements 11. It is in the folder Adobe Premiere Elements 11/Contents/Plug-ins/en_US.


      This was the plugins log:


      Loading /Applications/Adobe Premiere Elements 11/Support Files/Adobe Premiere Elements.app/Contents/Plug-ins/en_US/TAL-Reverb-2.vst

      The registry tells us to cache so the plugin will be loaded from the cache.

      The plugin is marked as Ignore, so it will not be loaded.


      I then was able to find the .plist file and change the ignore flag from 1 to 0 but this didn't seem to make any difference as it's still not loaded.


      Any suggestions?