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    Pemier Pro 6.0.1


      Hello all,


      I am working on Windows 7 Ultimate, with Adobe CS 6 (Creative Cloud), with Matrox MX02 MAX installed on the machines with Max Accleration GPU installed.


      I have a couple of machines, one of which I have just added to the Creative Cloud.


      When I DL'd Premiere Pro, it was set at 6.0. I did an update, and was given the 6.0.3 update.


      The other machine that I have (a mirror of the one I have 6.0.3 on) I had done the update well beofre, and am at 6.0.1.


      I now do not have Matrox timelines available to me, and am unable to see the SDI connection in my capture window on the machine that has 6.0.3.


      Is there a way I can roll back my PP to 6.0.1 on my system which currently has 6.0.3?