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    First big job in CS6, need advice on workflow


      This will be my first big multicam job since upgrading from CS4, and I've been searching for a definitive answer on this but I haven't had any luck. Yesterday, I shot an 80-minute musical with 3 cams: a GH2 and 2 HF-M41's. All cams were shooting in 1080p; the GH2 was set to 24H and the Canons were in PF24, so I have a variety of 3.99GB MTS files in 23.97p from the Panny and 1.9GB MTS files in 29.97i from the HF's, and a master WAV audio track from a Tascam DR-40. I'm looking for 24p final delivery on Blu-ray. My workflow on CS4 for this would have been:


      1) copy the MTS files to my Media RAID drive

      2) join the MTS files from each camera using MTS_Merger

      3) convert to Cineform AVI using Prospect HD (and remove 3:2 pulldown from the Canon clips)

      4) bring each clip into PPro in its own 1080p24 Sequence

      5) do multicam editing in 20-minute Sequences (CS4 would bog down after about 25 min of multicam)

      6) nest 20-minute Sequences into full-length Sequence

      7) color-correct original clip Sequences (if I did this first, multicam would crash in CS4)

      8) add master audio track

      9) export for delivery to client


      Is this still the best workflow for CS6, or should I do it differently? Just looking for a simple answer to avoid several more hours of Googling and trial & error. Thanks!


      PC specs:

      Core2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz

      8GB DDR2 RAM

      1GB Radeon HD4870

      640GB C: drive

      1.2TB RAID0 for media

      250GB HDD for Media Cache & Scratch Disks

      Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

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          jackfalbey Level 1

          To clarify... I'm mainly interested in advice on steps 1-4: how best to handle the MTS clips and bring them into CS6, especially considering my 3-year-old hardware. Any additional advice on the multicam process as it differs from CS4 would be appreciated, but I can probably figure that out on my own. Thanks again!

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            DerikSavage Level 1

            I have a similar setup and do multicam quite a bit.  The first step you may want to take (considering the older hardware) is to transcode your mts files to cineform avi as well.  AVCHD is really taxing on your system, especially if you're multicamming.  If you do this through Prelude, it will take care of the merging for you.  But if you're just going to throw it all into a multicam sequence anyway, there's not much point to it.  Prospect HD will probably give you a faster transcode (I've found this to be true when using NeoScene... not sure why since the codec is the same).


            So here are the steps I would take:

            1) Save a copy of your original MTS files to a separate hard drive.  This gives you insurance in case one of your drives fails.

            2)Transcode everything to Cineform AVI and output to your project folder on your RAID drive.

            3) Import transcoded footage into Premiere.

            4) Create a "master sequence" in Premiere.  Drop all of your footage into this sequence.  Each camera gets its own track.  Make sure everything is chronologically in order.

            5) Sync your footage.  This can either be done manually by looking at your audio files and matching the peaks, or you can use software such as PluralEyes.

            6) Create another new sequence called "multicam" (or whatever). And drop your "master sequence" into this sequence.  It will appear as a multicam clip.

            7) Now right-click on the multicam clip and choose "enable multicam" (really, Adobe?), and you should be good.


            Might want to invest in an Nvidia card if you're planning on sticking with Premiere.  The GPU acceleration stuff is nice.

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              DerikSavage Level 1

              Also, since the multicam clip takes the audio from whatever is on audio track one of your "master sequence", you should probably just put your master audio track there. 


              I wouldn't mess around with color correction until you're done with your edit.  It'll just slow down the process for you and make the whole project more frustrating to get through.


              When you are ready to color correct, just do your camera-matching/tech pass first on your "master sequence" so everything's consistent, then add an adjustment layer in your "multicam" sequence for your creative pass. Or you can export the whole thing as a Cineform avi and take it into After Effects or Speedgrade for color correction.  CS6 gives you quite a few options here. 


              Good luck with your project!  I hope this helps.

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                jackfalbey Level 1

                Thanks Monkey. I'm not familiar with Prelude (of course, because it wasn't in CS4) but I'll give it a shot. I was mainly looking for advice on whether there is a better way, or if my old workflow of joining the clips with MTS_Merger and transcoding to Cineform AVI would still be best with CS6, and you've suggested that it is (or something similar with Prelude). I'll give it a shot. As far as color correction, it will be minimal, just to match the tones of the Panny & Canon videos. Your advice on multicam editing is pretty much how I've been doing it.


                I do plan on building a new editing rig in the next 6-12 months following Harm's recent article. I'm looking forward to the speed and ease of having an i7 with 64GB RAM and CUDA acceleration. Until then, I need to have the most efficient workflow for my current system. Thanks again!