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    Is it possible to do this kind of system with Cirrus?


      Sorry for my poor english.

      I am looking for a technology that solve my problem

      and I am not sure if Adobe Cirrus is the right one.


      I am making 1vs1 turn based game system for cross platform (iOS, Android, Web)

      The game process ...

      PlayerA start app and send some data to central server

      PlayerA need to wait until PlayerB start app then server can tell both player to start the game

      Once the game time is up on both side, each player send score to server and server do some calculation and tell both player the result

      During PlayerA playing with PlayerB, PlayerC may playing PlayerD, and so on ...


      It will be great if we can let user do P2P connection during game process to save bandwidth cost and server capacity.


      Thank you for your help