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    Sync audio to slide animations

    AnthonyFerralli Level 1

      I have a PowerPoint presentation with animations on each slide.  I would like to move this over to Captivate 6 retain the animations and add audio to each slide and sync it to the animations.  When the audio is completed I would like the next slide to start automatically.  Can I do this in Captivate and how.  thank you

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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Synchronizing audio with animations from PPT is not that easy, because every PPT-slide is imported as a video. It can be done, but prepare for tiring editing.


          If you choose to import the PPT with automatic advancing, and the audio clip has the same length as the video, the play head will automatically advance to the next slide once it reaches the end of the present slide.



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            AnthonyFerralli Level 1



            What I am working with is a large video file which is basically a talking head.  What I want to is strip the audio from that video and create a presentation where the audio is synced with a powerpoint type presentation.  Where each slide contains animated text synced with the audio.  I envision having one audio file per slide the problem I see is syncing the text animations to the audio.  I hope this makes sense.  The object is to reduce the file size and add testing.


            Thank you


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              vishhere Level 3

              Hello Tony,


              Have you tried importing the video directly in Captivate and syncing it?