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    Merged modules and context help

      After a long period I begin again for working with merged modules and context help. Now my situation is better than in the past because now I'm able (!!!! finally) to open a specific topic of a merged module (as htm page) displaying both master module and all merged modules (this is my goal). Now my question is: how to open a topic only by map number and without the name of the htm page displaying all merged modules and master module? I try to explain me better. This is my actual code:

      HtmlHelp(NULL, strCompleteHelpFilePath, HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC, NULL)) where
      strCompleteHelpFilePath = "C:\\Master.chm::/SlaveB.chm::/First.htm>Context". (it's ok)

      How do the same using
      HtmlHelp(NULL, strCompleteHelpFilePath, HH_CONTEXT_HELP, code)) ?


      Solutions proposed in helpware website (similar to my problem) doesn't work if the project is manages by robohelp.