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    HTML air.Clipboard.setData




      I am working on a project require a file drag and drop between the desktop and the Adobe AIR App (which develop in HTML/Javascript).


      I spend a lot of time for "trial and error" which I eventually get it WORKS, since most documentation on the web are for Adobe AIR 1.5 that doesn't require a sandbox in order to access local file.




      However, just a quick question. When I create a event listener to listen for 'nativeDragStart' event in application sandbox




      window.htmlLoader.addEventListener('nativeDragStart', function(event)


                        var file = air.File.createTempFile();



                         event.clipboard.setData(air.ClipboardFormats.FILE_LIST_FORMAT,  [file]);



      I keep getting error "TypeError: Data for file list format must be an array of Files..."




      After few hours search again, I found the correct way of doing event.clipboard.setData should be


                          event.clipboard.setData(air.ClipboardFormats.FILE_LIST_FORMAT,  new runtime.Array(file));




      What is the different between normal Array and runtime.Array in HTML/Javascript environemnt?



      It is very frustrated for this doesn't officially documented anywhere....