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    slideshow help needed

    Level 7
      I want to load an initial image into onTop_mc,. When the user clicks
      next, load another image into onBottom_mc (below onTop_mc), then using
      MovieClip.setMask() create a transition from the first image to the
      second image. No problem, but for the third, forth,and so on, I need to
      do some swapping. Should I :

      1- load img1 into onTop_mc
      2- load img2 into onBottom_mc
      3- perform transition using MovieClip.setMask()
      4- unload img1 from onTop_mc
      5- reload img2 into onTop_mc
      6- repeat as needed

      or is there another way? (will this even work?) I'm assuming that since
      each image is already in the user's cache step 5 will be significantly
      faster than steps 1 or 2.