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    Adobe CS6 Premium Classroom in a book

    Pierre Devereux Level 2



      Has anyone read the new Classroom in a book, um...book yet?


      I wondered how much new information there would be vs the overlap between it and the CS5 version that I already have.


      Thats it...a short and (hopefully) easy question for a monday morning!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No idea. There has been some considerable rewrite of some sections for CS6, but I just don't have the time and money to buy every edition every time a new version comes out. If you already know one, though, I would think you won't learn too much new. The beauty of this particular book is that it is very broad and more focussed on general principles rather than describing every knob in AE and what you learn there can easily be adapted to new versions or otehr programs even...



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            The CS6 version is the first version of the Production Premium Classroom in a Book.


            Or were you talking about the After Effects Classroom in a Book? That book is substantially the same as the CS5 version, with a few changes for the new features.


            If you're looking for a good book on After Effects CS6, and you've already gotten past the Classroom in a Book, I recommend After Effects CS6 Studio Techniques: http://bit.ly/U8iOX9

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Ah, yes. You got me there. I was actually referring to Mr. Christiansen's book...



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                Pierre Devereux Level 2

                Hi Guys,


                thanks for the replies. I was actually referring to the book in this link:




                Being such a diligent chap, I am part of as many newsgroups and daily mails from Adobe as I can get my grubby little mailbox on! I received the link is a mail this past weekend. I thought it is a very nice price, even with the exchange rate, but if there really is little difference, and the fact that it is an E-book, I am not sure if it is worth investing in.


                Rick made a very good comment a while back, when replying to another thread, and that was -


                "Blindly following tutorials isn't going to get you anywhere fast. Learning what the program can do and then creatively applying that knowledge to a project will get you a long way down the road very quickly." (http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1108203?tstart=0) - As a result, I am now trying to get more information on "nuts and bolts" of After Effects, in the hope that the dormant part of my brain will finally kick in, and I can start applying techniques adaptively to our project



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                  Pierre Devereux Level 2

                  Hi Todd,


                  I already have the CS5 classroom in a book, and the Learn by video book that was present by yourself and Angie - These were the first books I got when starting with After Effects, and they were very helpfull. I am wondering if the book sent via the link has anything to add to those two?



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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    Yes, the Production Premium book adds quite a lot---specifically about the integration with other applications in the suite, like SpeedGrade.

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                      Pierre Devereux Level 2



                      Thanks for the info - I think that for the nice price, I'll make a plan to pick it up. Still havent even started Van Hurkmans colour coorection handbook that I got though, so I'll add it to the reading queue!



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                        Dave LaRonde Level 6

                        Pierre, no one can help but admire your hard work and perserverance in learning this stuff. 


                        I've slowly acquired my limited knowledge over a period of several years while on the job.  But you're trying to do it on the job, building the business, with immediate family responsibilities, in a matter of months or even weeks,  and you remain cheerfully professional in your approach.

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                          Pierre Devereux Level 2

                          Gee Dave,


                          Thanks for the compliment!


                          I have great admiration for yourself, Rick, Mylenium, Fuzzy, Todd and the many other regulars I am not mentioning!


                          You are all always willing to help, and I love my morning "forum scouring" routine I have going!


                          Well, the learning is still a little slow, and there are still so many questions and concerns, but I am loving it every step of the way! What an adventure! (like teething - just with better special effects ((although I have been warned about teething diapers)) and less noise!)





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                            Pierre Devereux Level 2



                            E-Book purchased. It will join the queue and wait for me to finish my everlasting Keying tests with our ships. We have tested out several different camera presets to see what comes closest to what we want, and then figure out how best to take it from there.


                            Which reminds me, I want to revisit the Gamma question I asked a while back, I think Ill start a new Thread for it though.


                            Thanks again to all for the advice - Ill feed back on the book (in a while!)



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                              Pierre Devereux Level 2

                              Hi All,


                              Ok, So I completed the CS6 Production Premium Classroom in a book, and found it quite helpfull. From a beginners point of view, it was a great introduction to the possible workflow using all the Production Premium suite applications together. It was not a book on any particular part of the suite - although it did give some input on each.


                              Basically, it takes a real life situation of a band promo, supplies a lot of footage and souns clips, then walks you step by step thorugh managing media, managing dynamic link, workinf between applications from importing the first clip, to burning a DVD with menu functions and all.


                              Really a good read for those out there that dont know how the apps work together, and maybe want to shave some time off their current workflow - by maybe not rendering intermediate renders, but instead using the dynamic link functions.


                              Ok, so thats my sales pitch - I am now onto After Effects CS6 Visual Effects and COmpositing Studio Techniques by Mark Christiansen.


                              Now THIS is an interresting book!


                              I must admit, I have been looking forward to a book that does not give step by step tutorials, but rather explains the workings behind the program - so that the reader can actually interpret it themselves, and start using the effects etc in ways not "guidlined" by someone else.


                              As Rick has mentioned, blindly following tutorials wont help you learn the program and what it can do.


                              Having said this, I must shamedly admit that by chapter 2 I am already becoming a little unstuck!


                              I will keep at it though, and re read most of the book at least once or twice more, but some of the advice given is a little meyond me. For instance, the book has a chapter on the graph editor. Very good, but it assumes you understand the graph interface quite well already. I have not personally used it yet, having not done too manu serious animations, but know that it will be an invaluable tool in the near future - so, Ill take the chapter apart and try, try, try again!


                              When I have completed the book, I will provide some more feedback for those that are interrested.


                              (It is Christmas however, and our offices WILL stay open, just not as productive - so forgive me if it takes a week or two to get through the book - there are several factrors working against me at the moment - 1) 89.6 degree temp outside - so hotter in the little office and even worse under the red-heads, 2) a quiet building that we share with other businesses - dark corridors now - makes me tired all the time! 3) The CEO brought in his copy of Starcraft 2 and talked me into buying one as well - never played it before, so I need to learn quickly as we will be having a few rounds next week)


                              So, as you can all see, I am *terribly* busy at the moment, but I will give the feedabck as soon as I can!


                              Merry Christmas to all - and heres looking to a wonderful New Year for all of us!