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    flash9 & stopAllSounds()

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      stopAllSounds() works still ok in Flash9 within one .swf as usual.

      BUT BUT BUT ... .aaaahhh

      it has messed up here:

      Objective: There are n number of sounds button on a same HTML page. if user
      plays any of the sound that plays in loop. But we want to achieve that when
      one sound is being played and if user hits on other sound everything should
      stop and new sound should start playing. It was working very well before
      with the same flas.

      Problem: This still works fine as desired in all players before the latest
      (Flash Player 9). BUT whoever installs new version of Flash Player first
      sound never stops and keeps on playing. We have to make sure just one sound
      should play at a time.

      I've got more that 4000 flas how do I solve this? do I need to make changes
      in all fla?