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    Undo after closing a file - is it possible?

    Steve Balcombe Level 1

      I have a document which I deleted most of the content from in order to use it as the starting point for a new edition. Somehow this was Saved, overwriting the original, as well as being being saved with a new name using Save As in the normal way. By the time I discovered the almost empty original file, some two weeks later, my backups had also been overwritten.


      However - it seems likely that the original content is still in the file, if only I could access it somehow. The file is 18,396 KB, but if I Save As with a new name, the resulting file is just 1,904 KB. Looks like more than 16 MB of 'deleted' stuff is still there in the original.


      So obviously the question is, can I somehow Undo back to a point before I closed the file?