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    Excluded by type compile-time error.

    Supreet R

      Dear All,


      I have created a custom Datagrid component, where i want to exclude the 'editable' property and 'skinClass' style

      from the component.


      So, I implemented it as follows,



           * Excludes the 'skinClass' style from Datagrid.


          [Exclude(kind="style", name="skinClass")]



           * Excludes the 'editable' property from Datagrid.


          [Exclude(kind="property", name="editable")]


      the above code excludes the 'skinClass' style and 'editable' property from flash builder tag inspector.


      But when I include the 'skinClass' explicitly where I use my custom Datagrid component it shows an

      compile time error as follows

          " The style 'skinClass' is excluded by type 'components.MyCustomDataGrid' "

          here 'MyCustomDataGrid' is my custom Datagrid component.


      but when I include 'editable' property explicitly, where I use my custom Datagrid component it does'nt show any

      compile time error. Why ?


      How to make the flash builder show compile time error when 'editable' property is included explicitly where i use my custom Datagrid component ??



      Supreet R