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    Unable to uninstall InDesign CS2 from Win 7 pc - removal tool needed

    Sascal Level 1

      Etnerally grateful if anyone can help with this...

      I have the InDesign version from Creative Suite 2 (out of the ark I know, but yes there are compelling reasons why I need this version and not to upgrade - mainly that this is a charity and we have several copies of the licence and a lot of different people using the software).

      I have a windows 7 machine and the software has worked fine on it for a year.

      Last week I had the hard drive replaced.

      Next time I opened InDesign it requested that I re-activate the licence.

      The activation failed.

      I have spent hours on the Adobe helpline and been told they cannot support CS2 on Win7.

      They did advise that I might try uninstalling and reinstalling the software.

      When I go to the programme list for install/uninstall I can't find it listed anywhere (not under Adobe, Creative Suite or InDesign - any other ideas?)

      But when I use the CD to try and install the programme it says that InDesign is already loaded and it aborts the installation.

      I tried the Adobe Clean tool but that too only goes back to CS3 not CS2.

      It does have the option to clean "all" but I have quite a lot of other (newer) Adobe programmes loaded and only want to try this if anyone can tell me with confidence that it will deal with CS2 as it will mean that I have to re-load all my other programmes (CS3 Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver etc, Audition, Captivate ...)

      The other possibility the helpline raised was a third party (Microsoft?) removal tool that might do the trick. Any suggestions?

      (My if-all-else-fails option is to use InDesign on the XP virtual machine but it is a programme I use little and often every day so really need a proper resolution if at all possible).

      Thanks in anticipation.