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    Need Help by some % calculation


      Hi Guys,


      i need some help calculating something.

      I have 5 boxes; "boxA" - "boxB" - "boxC" - "boxD" and "boxE". Box A–C are sums coming from other fields.

      "boxD" represent the VTA – and can be just 19% ore 0%.

      This means that "boxE" = ("boxA" + "boxB" + "boxC") * "boxD" ("box D" is equal with 0,19  – if the customer types 19% in the field – ore "0" (zero) – by leaving the "boxD" empty or typing the value "0" inside. A multiplication with 0 would be false, so it had to be ignored if the content of the "boxD" is 0)


      I suppose it will be something with "if" and "else" but how i say, I'm a greenhorn in this domain.

      Actually i found something that could help but i thing some parts – the definition of var v4, if v4 get the value 19% ore 0% – are missing.


      (function() {



         // Get the field values, as numbers


         var v1 = +getField("boxA").value;


         var v2 = +getField("boxB").value;


         var v3 = +getField("boxC").value;


         var v4 = +getField("boxD").value;


          // I suppose here comes some "if" "else" stuff for the definitoon of var4


         // Perform the calculation; the result is the content of the "boxE"


         var result = v4 * (v1 + v2 + v3);



         // Set the value of this field to the result


         event.value = result;