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    One or more DataGrid columns blank

    lee704 Level 1

      I am having an issue where some DataGrids are not displaying data in all columns.  For example, a DataGrid with 3 colums named A, B and C will show data in columns A and C but not B.  There is nothing special about the data that is not displayed.  There is also no pattern to which column displays dat and which do not.


      I am useing SDK 4.5 and the users have the latest FlashPlayer version.  I cannot replicate what the user is seeing at this time, but I have see the behavior in the past.  I see data in all columns in the DataGrids in question.


      Any thoughts on what may be the cause of this issue?



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          From your post, I presume the data is variable; i.e., each time the number of columns, number of rows and content of it's cells can differ.

          From where do you retrieve this data, a database?


          You say you cannot replicate what the user is seeing, but can you replicate the behaviour?


          With bugs like this, it's usually boils down to tracing; tracing every step the data makes, between retrieval and (succesful) displaying this data.

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            lee704 Level 1

            Thanks.  I can replicate the behahavior but the results are different between what I see and the user sees.  Here is the odd thing... with no coding change the user now sees the data.  I did a full trace to no avail.  I am concerned that the issue is related to the player nad not the code.