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    FCP7 to Premiere CS6 Via XML: Strange Subclip Behavior

    m.koehler Level 1

      Hello all,


      I've been poking around the forums for an answer related to my problem, but so far, no cigar.


      I've inherited a FCP7 project that I'm attempting to jump to Premiere Pro CS6 via XML. Unfortunately, this project relies heavily on subclips, which seems to be creating problems.


      Most flagrantly, Premiere does not seem to recognize the subclip's virtual limits - specifically, the subclip's In Point is correct, but its Out Point is the Out Point of the PARENT Clip. The result is a black screen and no audio after we exceed the subclip's virtual Out Point, until eventually it terminates at the Out Point of the PARENT clip. Naturally, then, the subclip's Media Duration and Media End metadata are incorrect, since they reflect the metadata of the parent clip.


      When I add the subclip to a sequence, its virtual limits are correct on the video and ONE of the two audio tracks; in other words, the In and Out Points of the subclip - as determined in FCP7 - are correctly recognized. But the Out Point of the SECOND audio track is the Out Point of the PARENT Clip, not of the subclip, as described above.


      Additionally, in some cases, the subclip's Media Start metadata is off by three or four seconds for seemingly no reason. In reality, the media starts on the same frame; I compared the Premiere subclip to the FCP7 subclip to confirm this. It's just a metadata issue, but I'm worried the discrepancy could complicate a recapture if it was necessary.


      Any idea why any of this is happening? Any thoughts as to how I can get Premiere to recognize the subclip's virtual limits, including the Out Point, thus eliminating its strange relation to the Parent Clip as described above?


      Thanks in advance!


      - Michael