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    Let’s talk motherboard and CPU in simple English please…

    kd58 Level 1

      I am a home enthusiast/student (signed up with a popular web site) that loves all things Adobe. I have the Master Suite. I love Premiere Pro (can’t wait to learn After Effects). I have a consumer-grade AVCHD video camera from a ‘big box store’.


      I don’t care about having a gaming rig or overclocking, or learning about RAID, or a huge/heavy computer case in my tiny office. So the minimum number of drives will work.


      I have been watching Newegg TV and the ASUS guy nearly put me in a coma with all the acronyms.


      I want a ‘middle of the road’ rig.


      Can someone enlighten me on the following:

      • Sandy Bridge vs. Ivy Bridge?
      • LGA 1155 vs. LGA 2011?
      • What does this mean: “Onboard Video Chipset: Supported only by CPU with integrated graphic”? This is a common note on the motherboard description on the website.
      • SSD caching?