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    Android and local web server




      First, quick summary of my setup:


      • 6 devices - 3 Android devices and 3 iOS devices all connecting via wireless
      • Local network with my own webserver and DNS. All websites are setup to work off virtualhost such as mysite.local and can be access in the browser of all devices and on my desktop
      • My own local weinre server again working from all devices
      • My own PC with Chrome and and Edge Inspect extension
      • All devices able to connect to Edge Inspect without any problems and all able to use synchronised browsing on websites on the internet


      I've just upgraded to the full version of creative cloud and now I can no longer view websites on my local network in Edge Inspect but ONLY on my Android devices. I could absolutely swear that my Android devices used to be able to connect but for some reason they can't now and I get a "Web page not available" message. Also, it shows the IP address of my desktop machine (I'm guessing this is how Edge Inspect works?) as the address it's unable to connect to. Off the back of this, I tried to connect to that IP address in the Android browser but nothing happened, and I switched off the Firewall on my desktop PC but still no luck. Finally, I've tried just the Android devices on their own without the iOS devices connected but also with all 6 of them connected and its the same every time.


      Anyone able to help?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Hi Chris,


          Some questions:

          1. What exactly is the local URL you're putting into Chrome?
          2. What is the full URL you see the Android devices unable to connect to? (You can use the button in the upper right corner to copy the URL to the device's clipboard)
          3. When you get the failure in Edge Inspect on the Android device, click the button in the upper right corner and choose Open in Browser. Does that work to get to your page?
          4. When you've tried to connect directly from the Android browser to your local site, what URL did you put into the Android browser?



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            cmunasinha Level 1

            Hi Mark,


            Thanks for your response! Answers below:


            1. I'm putting http://se1united.local/ into Chrome (side note - this resolves to the IP address
            2. The full URL the Android devices are trying to connect to is (its the IP address of my desktop PC and not a domain name)
            3. Using the "Open in Browser" link opens in the browser
            4. Putting in http://se1united.local/ directly into the browser works


            I've tried all three devices and its the same across the board.

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              Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

              Hi Chris,


              Ok, got it. I'm pretty sure I know what's going wrong. In iOS, the handling of .local domain names is automatic, but in Android we had to code in a solution for that specific situation. In iOS, <machinename>.local refers to the local machine, so when the Android client sees that URL come in, it is replacing the se1united.local portion of the URL with the IP address of the machine running Edge Inspect. In most cases, that works, but in your case it appears that you're actually attempting to refer to a third machine whose IP address should be resolved by talking to your own domain name server. The native iOS code is handling that correctly and our custom code on Android isn't.


              So, there is an issue with our Android app, but I suspect the fix for that won't be simple. In the meantime there should be a couple simple workarounds you can choose from on your end that should get things working correctly with both the iOS and Android apps.

              1. In Chrome, try referring to your site with the following URL:    OR
              2. Rename your server from se1united.local to something else that doesn't include the ".local" portion of the domain name


              I think either one of those should work fine.


              Let us know if you have any further questions or problems,


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                cmunasinha Level 1

                Hi Mark,


                That was it thanks! I'd recently renamed my whole local network to use the ".local" subdomain (hence why it was working a while ago), however in hindsight I see that this was probably not the best thing to do. I have about 20 virtual hosts now that I'll have to go and change but am happy to do that to have synchronised browsing working!