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    Use of Adobe Photoshop Touch Offline?


      I am interested in purchasing this app for use on both, my Kindle Fire HD 7" and my iPad mini.   Two main questions I have are this:


      1.  After purchasing this app, do I have to have an internet connection to work on photos from my personal pad's photo gallery?  I can see if I wanted to obtain pictures from Google, but, I need more clarity about this issue.


      2.  Is there a color splash option on this app? 


      I know that this app is more limited because of the tablet use, but, it seems to do quite a bit that I am interested in, but I really need more clarity regarding off line use. 


      Thank you very much!

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          Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee



          1. If you mean local photos by "pad's photo gallery", then no, you do not need to be connected in order to work with Photoshop Touch.

          Can you try to be more specific about this, you are mentioning two different devices and OS'es and they don't work exactly the same.


          2.Yes there are techniques to do color splash, but no one-click-option for this.





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            pagandeva2000 Level 1

            Thank you.  What I meant is that I have two tablets, an iPad mini as well as a Kindle Fire HD 7".  I was considering purchasing the app for each device. 


            What I wanted to know is would I have to have an internet connection with either device in order to work with the photo galleries of each tablet.  I asked this because I read a customer review of the Photoshop Touch in Amazon, stating that he was constantly prompted to log onto Amazon to use the app.  He didn't get more specific than that.  I'm not a techie, but it appeared to me that if I wanted to use photos from Google, then, yes, I would need an internet connection, but needed more clarity.


            Please tell me the differences between the two devices.  It would help make my decision on which tablet (or both) should I add this to. 


            Thank you so much for the fast response!

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              Ignacio Barrientos Adobe Employee

              Ok, the problem that he mentioned most likely has to do with the licensing.

              The best way to solve this is to be online the first time that you start the application.

              This is however not the case for iOS.


              When it comes to the differences there are many and I cannot really tell what's better or not.

              It depends on your preferences, if you like styluses we support them on iOS.


              Maybe some of the other users can give you pro's and con's.




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                pagandeva2000 Level 1

                Okay, so, let me see if I am clear:  You're saying to download the application I need to be on line, near a wifi hotspot, but afterwards, I can use pictures from the galleries of either device without being on line, however, if I want to download pictures from Google, then, I need to be on line to use that function. 


                I'm not sure I know what you mean regarding licensing, does that have anything to do with me using the application on the Kindle Fire HD?


                I'm not asking which is device does the app work best on; I wanted to know a few of the differences because it would be helpful to know (again, I am not a techie, so, sometimes, I have to learn a bit more before I make a decision on which one).


                I thank you for your timely responses! I think that I'll look forward to using this app no matter which device I choose.  I'm new at this, so, this seems like it will be loads of fun!