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    Canon 6D RAW file converter


      I am a PS CS5 user and recently purchased the new Canon 6D.  I have downloaded the RAW files from my camera, but PS won't read them (Canon software will).  I was given the sugestion to convert them from RAW to DNG with the Adobe convertor so I can use them in PS CS5.  It looks like the Adobe RAW convertor does not support the new Cannon 6D files yet.  What are my options to have PS read my RAW files other than shooting in JPEG?  Thanks!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Your CS5 will never read your Raw files directly. That's something you need to come to terms with. Even if there wil lbe support for your camera in a coming version of ACR, it will only be in teh 7.x series and beyond and those are only available in CS6, LR 4 and Elements 11, meaning you need to upgrade or buy one of those products.



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            MI_Photo_Guy_2012 Level 1

            Ugh.....I was hoping not to upgrade yet since I just bought CS5 a little over a year ago in September 2011.  If I convert them to DNG, will CS5 read them?


            I have not been able to find a DNG converter yet that supports the 6D, but given how new it is, I'll have to keep an eye out for updated versions.





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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              DNG - in theory yes, in practice possibly not so much. There are different types of DNG and depending on which converter you use, there may be compatibility issues, be it just for some silly metadata getting in the way. Adobe's own converter should produce compatible files, yes, but you never know...



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                I have CS6, and it wont read my Canon 6D eaw files either. How long is it likely to be before we get support?

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                  You can use Canon's image editing software (which comes with the 6D)  to open the file (and edit it if you want).  Then save it as a .tiff file which you can pull into PS to edit.  It is cumbersome, but it should work.  Hopefully Canon/Adobe will get ACR up to speed on the 6D files soon.

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                    I am having the same problem! I figured out how to convert but now a new problem! Can someone explain this...


                    The photo that I have taken is 19.1 MB


                    I had to download the DNG converter for my CS5 to read the file.

                    When I take the photo into CS5 my Camera RAW window opens up (before it goes directly into Photoshop).

                    I tweak my pic and then hit open...it opens in photoshop and then I save my file to jpg....and the file size is now 9MB...why is this happening? Why is it going from 19 to 10?! I dont want to lose that much?


                    Can someone help out? This may be an easy fix?!

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                      krice58 Level 1

                      When you convert a file to jpg the data gets compressed.  Jpg format is, by definition, a compressed image format.  It allows you to move the file around more easily because it is smaller (ie for web, email, etc).  I always keep a raw version of the file on my hard drive in either DNG, CR or TIFF format in case I want to make further edits, but when sharing, I will convert to jpg.  You can tell PS to save the file as any of these (and other) formats.  If you have made a lot of edits and save it as, say, a .psd file it will grow to hundreds of MB or more!