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    Premier pro failing after windows updates?


      Hi all,

      I have a windows workstation

      i7 3639K chip

      gigabyte X79 MOBO

      NIVIDEA Quadro 4000 graphics card

      32 GB ram

      WD 2TB caviar green harddrive


      I know the hard drive is not great but it was the best I could afford at the time.  So took computer to the shop for a power supply issue and the helpful tech has updated everything (service pack 1) [Usually I keep this machine offline and do not update when I have everything working- if it isnt broken dont fix it is my philosophy]

      Premiere pro usually runs very very fast on this machine - I have been editing film quite happily without needing to render sequences first and have been getting very responsive performance from the timeline scrubber and preview window--- but now there is a long delay between moving the timeline scrubber and the preview window changing and also premiere pro is continually freezing when exporting (no error or anything - it just hangs on x% and does not go any further- when you try to cancel - then it starts "not responding" and eventually you have to crash the program to continue..[At the moment I am trying to edit and export short .png sequences from 3ds max]


      I have updated Premiere pro 5.5 and tried to update graphics card to latest driver, but this has not fixed the issue,

      Two questions-

      1) what should I be doing to try to get Premier Pro back to working how it was?

      2) any suggestions (adding an SSD or creating a RAID or changing settings?) to get better performance out of my machine (once I resolve my current issue)


      Cheers all