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    Redacting tools to highlight text from a dictionary of words in multiple PDF files.Any free utility?

    mrmister1 Level 1

      Hello there


      Is there any free utility to highlight words (taken from a dictionary) in multiple PDF files?


      I'm not interested to remove confindetial information from PDF files...


      What I need Acrobat do is the following:


      1. I have a lot of PDF files in a folder


      2. I have a TXT file with several words for example: car, house, brick, loan


      3. I want Adobe Acrobat automatically highlight all the PDF from a certain folder, reading the words of the TXT file, finding those words in all the PDF from that folder, and highlighting those words automatically.


      This is a redaction procedure, but in this case not to remove confidential information, just to look for important information and highlight it.


      Is there any free utility to do this?


      I know there is a plugin that do this, Autoredact, but it's very expensive around 200 bucks, so I was wondering if would be available any Javascript utility or free Adobe Acrobat Plugin to do this.


      What kind of things can you do with this?


      A lot, for example reading a book of 500 pages for an exam in 30 minutes.

      How can you read 500 pages in 30 mins?

      No you can't, but because you highlight the words you need, you just retreive the important information in seconds.


      This simple thing would help millions of people worldwide, since big corporations until "I am broke" students.


      I've asked Adobe directly in Facebook and they suggested me to ask this here in the Javascript section, they told me perhaps here I could find something about this.


      Please, let me know.