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    Apache mod_proxy and Flash forms

      I am having a little problem with flash forms using Apache's mod_proxy.

      This is my setup.

      I have a public Apache/CF server (production) and a private Apache/CF server (development). Some times, we need to show the customer work in progress, so I set-up a ReverseProxy on my Apache server, to redirect traffic for a specific directory to the internal IP address of the development server.

      Everything has been working great for months, the client see their pages like they were running from the public server, while in fact they are being hosted on the private server

      Until, I started using flash forms... they start to load, and they return this error: The form data has expired, Please reload this page in your browser.

      This error doesn't happen if I open up the page locally from the private server, so I guess some information is expiring somewhere.

      I tried the timeout setting on the <cfform> tag with no luck. Anybody has any ideas as to how to fix this from the CF side, or from the Apache side perhaps?