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    (CS5.1) Free Transform and Warp tool causing pixelation and quality drop.


      When I free transform and warp a layer to lie flat, sometimes I'll get this harsh pixellation at one end of the layer. It doesn't appear while I'm doing the warp, just suddenly coming up when I hit enter to apply the transformation.


      So for example, Ill be transforming this grid, which is originally about 9x this big.

      12x12 grid - white.jpg


      So when I''m running the transformation/warp, it looks like this

      example 1.jpg

      Not great, but at least most of the lines are still intact on the left and back (the right side is basically fine looking)


      But once I hit enter, I get this

      example 2.jpg

      And now like, half the lines I did have are gone, and what's left is super pixelated.


      Is there an interpolation setting I could be using? Is it something unavoidable from how distorted I make the layer?