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    Inexpensive slow motion plugin or technique?

    nullsebasvideo Level 1

      Sorry if I asked this here before, my memory is not that good. I'm trying to make a music video with footage shot at 23.98fps, but at half speed. Not using frame blending renders very jerky motion. Using frame blending renders a lot of double edges which look really bad. Taking the footage to AE and using Pixel Motion works great on many takes, but in others there is an awful lot of motion artifacts. The same takes, if using Timewarp in AE to be able to adjust parameters for Pixel Motion, still show artifacts, unless I moved the sliders to a point where it looks the same as regular frame blending.


      I read that the best is Twixtor, but that is over $300 for the normal version, and almost $600 for the pro version, and I don't need this so much and so often to spend that amount of money.


      Are there any other options regarding plugins, or techniques that I would be able to use in Premiere or AE CS6? I know that the footage being 24p makes this really difficult, since when I shoot 60i it slows down to half speed really well, even with regular frame blending.