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          why can't I find my vignette effects in my guided section?

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            27Prac Level 3

            If you are on the latest version of Photoshop Elements which is PSE 11 , then you will find the vignettel effect in the Photo Effect category of Guided Edit.

            Vignette Effect was new in PSE 11. In older version you can apply vignette using "Filter menu >Correct Camera Distortion".

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              neeraj chaudhary Adobe Employee



              In Guided Edit , under Photo effect category there is Vignette effect.(PSE 11)

              In PSE 10 vignette can be find at Lomo camera effect at Guided edit.

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                djamo Level 1

                Thank you very much

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                  I have PSE 10, and I want to add "Greater Than Gatsby - Radiance Mini Set" action .atn I gotten so far as to add it into my Effects -> Photo panel, but am unable to get it to run on a displayed photo. Where should I put the '.atn'? Thanks.

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                    Barbara B. Level 7

                    Did you see this on their website?


                    Is Photoshop Elements 11 the only Elements version you offer actions for?

                    Yes. Anyone who has used actions in previous versions of Photoshop Elements knows what a pain it is to load an action set.  Each action has to have an individual .atn file, . xmp file and a thumbnail.  Not only are they a pain to load, but they are also a pain to create.  Now  that Elements 11 has an action palette, loading them just takes a couple seconds.  I designed the Elements actions specifically for Elements 11, so all actions stack on top of each other and layer seamlessly with each other.

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                      I did see that. I also saw others on the web, who were using it in PSE 10. I messed around with it, found out where to put the files and now am using it from the 'Guided' palate.




                      8^ )


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