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    offline installation of adobe edge 1.0


      I have managed to save the edge installer file that gets downloaded via app manager. I wish to reuse it as i have slow internet connection and connect keep on downloading again and again. When i extract this file i dont see any installer in it. How should i start the installation in that case?

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          Ken G. Rice Adobe Employee

          Moved from the Creative Cloud the Edge Animate forum. They might be able to help you here; but you may also be limited to using the Adobe Application Manager for downloading and installing.

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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            Hi, aMRAC-


            Right now, we only support installation via the Adobe Application Manager.





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              Brian Fife



              I was wondering in the near future would it become available as and offline installer. I think creative cloud is an awesome concept but, I have a what they have told me is a virtual machine. I'm not sure what would make it one because it's a dell running on windows 7 (only) with two hard drives. The issue I was having was that I couldn't get the Adobe Application Manager running on my Virtual machine. So I wasn't able to download any programs listed in my Creative cloud package. So I found a link were I was able to download offline copies of all the Cs6 programs. I was able to install them by using the subscription optiion to verify that I was apart of Creative Cloud. Then I got to adobe edge animate v 1.5 and no luck no resources folder or setup.exe. Is there an earlier version with an older installer that I can just update or something? Really eager to learn it. Also will there ever be an Adobe Application Manager that supports Virtual Machines?




              Tanner Fife