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    What Output settings to choose for PAL TV Recordings?

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      1. What Output settings should I choose to keep the sharp video quality I see from the PAL TV? (I've used the presets of PAL High Quality under MPEG2, but found that the quality is significant worse!)


      2.Why can PAL video be adjusted in size (4:3 or 16:9) when broadcasting by TV, but not adjustable after I edit it with Premier Pro (output as PAL High Quality, 720x576)



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          Many thanks for your speedy advise!


          1. I looked at the FAQ, but didn't seem to get what I want... Basically, I wanna record PAL TV (720x576) programmes, extract the parts I want to keep, & replay it with a c.50" TV. But the preset "PAL High Quality" under MPEG2 in Premier Pro (which sounds the closest to the original source format I should choose) produces a quality that is significantly worse than the original.  -- So, kindly advise again what should the output settings be for playback on HD TV?


          2. When watching the PAL (720x576) programme on TV, I can choose from the TV menu between a "Standard" 4:3 screen (i.e. narrower picture) & a "Widescreen" 16:9 option where the picture will automatically be stretched to fill up the wide screen.  However, after editing with PP & saving with the "PAL High Quality" preset, the picture only stays at the "Standard" 4:3 size, but won't stretch when I choose the Widescreen option on the TV... I just wonder if there's a way to make the output also adjustable in size when playing on TV?


          Thanks again!